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Sacramento’s Most Unforgettable Fire Dancer

Deaja Girl on Fire

Your mind will be blown with Deaja’s unique and unforgettable fire dancing!  Gracefully flowing between intensity and whimsy, Deaja can entertain any type of crowd.  With a passion that burns brighter than her fire Deaja is a fire dancer that will leave you speechless.  

What types of fire performing does
Deaja specialize in?

 As a fire dancer, Deaja has over 16 years of experience and specializes in over a dozen different props.  Her style is very adaptable, expertly guiding you through the experience of a lifetime.  With a wide range of fire twirling abilities, Deaja loves to interact with her audience and make them truly feel immersed in the experience.  She can entice adult audiences with her burlesque-inspired sultry flare, or she can become a whimsical clown to entertain kid-packed crowds!  Regardless of your age, Deaja has the experience you desire.  Deaja’s props include fire hoop, fire poi, snake poi, fire staff, fire whip, fire wings, fire parasol, fire eating, fire fleshing, fire bubbles, fire rope dart, and fire fans.  

Screenshot 2023-01-03 161255_edited.jpg

Deaja’s Top Fire Performances

Jeepers Jamboree 

Considered the oldest, toughest, and largest organized event of its kind in the world, Jeeper’s Jamboree is the “granddaddy” of 4-wheel events.  Deaja brought the heat to this event in [insert year] with her fire performances in collaboration with Infinite Spin Arts and Organic Pyrotechnics.  This act featured triple fire hula hoops, 12 foot fire wings, and many custom made extra large fire props.  The finale of this performance was Deaja’s solo fire whip act!  

Deaja’s Favorite Wedding

A performance to make a wedding like you’ve never seen before!  Deaja and her collaborators customized this performance to the specific desires of the Bride.  Dawning white and gold costumes for the occasion, Deaja performed a 15 minute long choreographed performance featuring various custom made fire props.  This beautiful spectacle of fire and talent served as the perfect transition between dinner and dancing, giving the newlyweds an extra special night to remember!


A Birthday of the Decade

This performance highlights how truly customizable Deaja’s performances can be.  The show began with a 15 minute solo show from Deaja featuring palm torches, fire eating, fire fans, fire parasol, and fire hoop!  For a finale that will be remembered forever, Deaja trained the 10-year-old birthday girl in a duet with Deaja herself, teaching her fire safety and amazing choreography.  Deaja’s mixture of clowny circus entertainment and intense fire spectacles created a show that was suitable for all ages!

Events and Producers Deaja Has Performed For:

Burning Man Conclave - Black Rock City, NV

Folsom Street Faire - San Francisco, CA

Ruckus Rumpus Revival - Oakland, CA

Stilldream Festival - Calaveras, CA

Sac Horror Film Festival - Sacramento, CA

Dante's SinFerno - Portland, OR

FireDrums - Calaveras County, CA

Whole Earth Festival - Davis, CA

Fire Spectacular - Sacramento, CA

Screenshot 2023-01-03 161255.png
“Deaja is a spectacular performer.  I have hired her multiple times over the years to perform at the Crocker Art Museum and with Infinite Spin.  She is extremely easy to work with, professional, and goes out of her way to make sure the performance is a success.  She has created themed looks, and performances to go with every idea I have come up with, even showing up dressed to match works of art.  Audiences love her, and she has always been someone I can count on when I have needed a really eye catching, and entertaining moment in the show.
 I would not hesitate to work with Deaja again!"

Stephanie Longoria, Director of Events

Sacramento Crocker Art Museum

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