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Deaja- Girl on Fire: Sacramento’s Favorite Event Entertainer

Enhance your event with Deaja’s high energy choreographed shows!  With nearly two decades of experience as an event performer, Deaja brings a unique and unforgettable energy to her performances.  Deaja is a sultry sexy burlesque performer, an intense and mesmerizing fire dancer, and a whimsical, impressive circus performer all in one!  


Meet The Artist

Deaja is a queer BIPOC individual that has spent her entire life passionately pursuing a career as an event entertainer.  She loves to use her art to not only express herself through many different mediums, but also to inspire other members of her community to do the same.  Deaja prides herself on her ability to know her audience and customize each performance with costuming and choreography to not just entertain the crowd, but to elevate the entire event around her.  

While Deaja loves being an event performer for hire, she also has a wide range of experience surrounding the event industry.  For over a decade, Deaja has co-produced a burlesque and drag show for The Darling Clementines in Sacramento.  This event helps empower and create safe spaces for the queer community in Sacramento.  Deaja’s other notable roles include coordinating 30 performers for a burning man conclave, winning the Barcelona Burlesque Festival’s award for the “Most Original” Burlesque Performance, and coordinating all of the social media and marketing for the largest fire spinning festival in the United States, Firedrums.  

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Where will Deaja perform? 

Deaja is fully insured and has a valid passport, making her ready to travel wherever she is needed!  She consistently performs in and near Sacramento and the surrounding area, as well as Oakland and San Francisco.  She has also had the opportunity to perform all over America in places like Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Reno, San Diego, Portland, Seattle, and Santa Rosa.  Some of her favorite international performances include Spain, Dubai, and Lebanon. 

What types of acts does Deaja offer? 


You will be pulled into the realm of glamor and glitz with Deaja’s dazzling burlesque performance.  With over 12 years of experience and training in both classic and neo burlesque, Deaja will bring you into her showgirl fantasy.  Having trained in a wide range of studios, including the burlesque hall of fame, Deaja has mastered the art of the tease.


Fire Dancing

Your mind will be blown with Deaja’s unique and unforgettable fire dancing.  Gracefully flowing between intensity and whimsy, Deaja can entertain any type of crowd.  With a passion that burns brighter than her fire, Deaja is a fire dancer that will leave you speechless.  

Circus Performances

Embrace your inner child with Deaja’s circus acts!  She will impress your audience with a wide range of circus entertainment including lyra acts, standing acrobatics, and LED props.  Deaja’s playful and interactive circus performances will engage and impress audiences of any age!


Events and Producers Deaja Has Performed For:

Sac Pride - Sacramento, CA
Barcelona Burlesque Festival - Barcelona, ES

Flamingo House - Sacramento, CA
North Bay Cabaret- Santa Rosa, CA
Fantastic Negrito Music Video - Oakland, CA

Beachside - Dubai, UAE

Folsom Street Faire - San Francisco, CA


Deaja’s Top Performances

F* The Patriarchy 

After winning Barcelona Burlesque Fest’s “Most Original” award, this act became one of Deaja’s favorites.  Having performed this routine in many other festivals, Deaja has mastered this high energy neo burlesque routine.  Featuring a foundation of sass and attitude, F* The Patriarchy is dedicated to breaking down social constructs and celebrating the artists who continue to pave the path forward.  

Mama's Makin' Bacon

This event is one of Deaja’s favorites because of the many different hats she gets to wear.  Deaja performs ambient aerials on her dazzling lollipop to create an atmosphere for arriving guests, showcases her double hoops act while guests are enjoying their brunch, and acts as a backup dancer and hype man for the drag queens that take the stage.  This performance is not only a joy to witness, but it also helped raise $100,000 for the Sacramento LGBT Community Center.

Screenshot 2023-01-03 161255.png

Jeepers Jamboree

Considered the oldest, toughest, and largest organized event of its kind in the world, Jeeper’s Jamboree is the “granddaddy” of 4-wheel events.  Deaja brought the heat to this event in 2018 and 2019 with her fire performances in collaboration with Infinite Spin Arts and Organic Pyrotechnics.  This act featured triple fire hula hoops, 12 foot fire wings, and many custom made extra large fire props.  The finale of this performance was Deaja’s solo fire whip act!  

“There is not a single entertainer in the business who can wow an audience like Deaja, Girl on Fire. She amplifies a traditional burlesque performance and literally lights it up in flames. A known professional who has perfected her craft, Deaja continues to build on her show, so it’s impossible to see the same performance twice. If you’re looking for someone who will light the audience's pants on fire, Deaja will not only do that but seduce them with her talent, dancing, and impeccable performance”

Ryan Francis, Film Producer and Entertainer

Sacramento Horror Film Festival

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