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Sacramento’s Sexiest Burlesque Dancer

Deaja Girl on Fire

You will be pulled into the realm of glamor and glitz with Deaja’s dazzling burlesque performances.  With over 12 years of experience and training in both classic and neo burlesque, Deaja will bring you into her showgirl fantasy.  Having trained in a wide range of studios, including the burlesque hall of fame, Deaja has mastered the art of the tease.  

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What is a burlesque show? And, why hire a burlesque performance for your event?

Burlesque dancers are both sexy and whimsical, creating a fantasy world for you to step into and enjoy.  Designed to tease and tantalize you, Deaja’s burlesque shows provide a wide range of experiences all bundled into a fabulous performance.  You should hire Deaja as a burlesque performer if you want a show that is unique, sex forward, playful, and engaging.


Deaja’s Top Performances

F* The Patriarchy 

After winning Barcelona Burlesque Fest’s “Most Original” award, this act became one of Deaja’s favorites.  Having performed this routine in many other festivals, Deaja has mastered this high energy neo burlesque routine.  Featuring a foundation of sass and attitude, F* The Patriarchy is dedicated to breaking down social constructs and celebrating the artists who continue to pave the path forward.  

Classy and Assy

This sultry and seductive classic style act is the reason Deaja is known as the smoldering beauty and booty of burlesque.  Beginning within the fantasy of an old Hollywood movie, Deaja lures you in with classic burlesque techniques only to surprise you with a modern acro chair routine that showcases her strength and flexibility!  The grand finale features big booty twerking like you’ve never seen before!


La Maintenant

Highlighting Deaja’s ability to blend both neo and classic burlesque styles, this act was highly celebrated at the Pacific Northwest Burlesque Festival in 2022.  Deaja mixes sexy flamenco style movements with her expert level burlesque techniques to create a truly unique routine!


Most Original 2022 at the Barcelona Burlesque Festival

Events and Producers Deaja Has Performed For:

Barcelona Burlesque Festival - Barcelona, ES

Northwest Vaudeville Festival - Portland, OR

Pacific Northwest Burlesque Festival - Olympia, WA

Best Coast Burlesque - Santa Cruz, CA

Folsom Street Faire - San Francisco, CA

Ruckus Rumpus Revival - Oakland, CA

Hubba Hubba Revue - San Francisco, CA

Seduction Feroce - Oakland, CA

Spank Bank - San Francisco, CA

Erotic Briefs - San Francisco, CA

Dante's SinFerno - Portland, OR

Symbiosis - Modesto, CA

Vixen Dames - Colfax, CA

Truth or Dare Productions - Nevada City, CA

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“There is not a single entertainer in the business who can wow an audience like Deaja, Girl on Fire. She amplifies a traditional burlesque performance and literally lights it up in flames. A known professional who has perfected her craft, Deaja continues to build on her show, so it’s impossible to see the same performance twice. If you’re looking for someone who will light the audience's pants on fire, Deaja will not only do that but seduce them with her talent, dancing, and impeccable performance.”

Ryan Francis, Film Producer and Entertainer

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