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Sacramento’s Most Diverse Circus Performer

Deaja Girl on Fire

Your mind will be blown with Deaja’s unique and unforgettable fire dancing!  Gracefully flowing between intensity and whimsy, Deaja can entertain any type of crowd.  With a passion that burns brighter than her fire Deaja is a fire dancer that will leave you speechless.  

What types of circus acts does
Deaja specialize in?

Deaja’s specialties include standing acrobatics, lyra acts, LED props, veil fans, hula hoop, and poi.  Her lyra acts involve being suspended in the air for all eyes to see!  She is very whimsical and silly, creating a circus party for all ages!  


Deaja’s Top Performances

Mama’s Makin’ Bacon

This event is one of Deaja’s favorites because of the many different hats she gets to wear.  Deaja performs ambient aerials on her dazzling lollipop to create an atmosphere for arriving guests, showcases her double hoops act while guests are enjoying their brunch, and acts as a backup dancer and hype man for the drag queens that take the stage.  This performance is not only a joy to witness, but it also helped raise $100,000 for the Sacramento LGBT Community Center.

The CA Arts & Culture Summit

This roaming performance features 2 hours of LED hoops, veil fans, isis wings, and pixel whip props.  Dawning a visually appealing brightly colored costume, Deaja immersed herself in the crowd and engaged guests directly to enhance their experience.  Within this roaming performance Deaja collaborated with Infinite Spin Arts, a performance troupe Deaja works with routinely.


Crocker Art Museum - ArtMix

In collaboration with Infinite Spin and Renegade Circus, Deaja performed 2 separate 20 minute acts themed around all things circus.  This performance included a fully choreographed double hoops duet, a veil fans duet, and roaming performances featuring LED hoops and wings as well as partner acrobatics.  Deaja kept a crowd of over 500 entertained through lighthearted and cutesy circus acts, finishing with more drama and emotion in her grand finale.  

Events and Producers Deaja Has Performed For:

Best Coast Burlesque - Santa Cruz, CA

San Francisco Pride - San Francisco, CA

High Sierra Festival - Quincy, CA

Seduction Feroce - Oakland, CA

Ruby Skye - San Francisco, CA

1015 Folsom - San Francisco, CA

Mamas Makin' Bacon LGBT Center - Sacramento, CA

Crocker Art Museum - Sacramento, CA

Vixen Dames - Colfax, CA

Lightning in a Bottle - Buena Vista, CA

Click to see Deaja's Circus Portfolio

"We were lucky enough to have Deaja perform at our daughter’s circus themed birthday party. It was fantastic. She captured the attention of thirty 10-year olds for the entire performance, which is no easy task. They were mesmerized. Deaja was wonderful to coordinate and plan with, she was professional, and above all she is an incredible performer. Cannot recommend her enough!!"

-Corri, Mother of 10 Year Old

Hired for Fire & Circus Performance

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